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February 23, 2017

December 5, 2016

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March 24, 2017

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March 24, 2017

Spring has sprung, as has the running season!




The chicks and bunnies will be about soon, and where will your running take you? The sun will begin


rising earlier in the morning, as so, should you! 



Why should you run in the morning? 



Seasoned runners who jump out of bed and hit the ground running report a greater sense of accomplishment about their daily life. They feel that since they have been able to tackle their workout before most people roll out of bed, they have an advantage mentally as well as physically. This mental awareness lasts all day and supplies energy later in the afternoon. If you have felt the 2 pm lag, you will be able to appreciate a quick burst of energy when it is needed most. 



Engaging your metabolism early in the morning will also help you burn calories all day long. Even if you’ve got a short workout planned, you will get the most bang for your buck by running before eating your first meal. Not only did you burn the calories from your workout but you will continue to burn calories faster on the days that you train. Your shut-eye will be higher quality, and you will be less likely to eat later in the day.



Running first thing in the morning is the ideal time to reap health and fitness benefits that perhaps have

 not crossed your mind. Morning air is typically much less polluted and far cooler. Running in clean air translates into a workout that is more healthy for your pulmonary system as you’re less likely to ingest harmful cancer-causing emissions. Athletes who train in cooler temperatures can typically run farther and work out longer than athletes who train in the heat. With summer on its way, a morning run becomes even more beneficial.



If you are not an early riser, try one to 2 days per week. You might be surprised how your energy will increase, and your body will naturally start to wake earlier on its own.





Let's stand out and show America we are the best community wrapped around diversity in our events, health, wellness and more. If you are interested in helping to improve the quality of our running series by volunteering click here



See you at Race 1 of the DOLAN Running Series. 




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Happy Training,



RENO 5000 Team


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