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February 23, 2017

December 5, 2016

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March 24, 2017

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Why do you run?

December 5, 2016

Everyone has a reason why they run.




          Weight loss. 


                    Family bonding.

                         Ward off depression.

                    Prove someone wrong.






And the list goes on.




At RENO 5000 events, from athletes that I coach, or runners that I meet, I've heard all kinds of reasons why people run. I respect each one because whatever your reason, it's significant to you. That's what matters.



When thinking about my own reasons, I often forget about perhaps the most important one: Friendships. 



We train. We train hard. Some have limited time to train. Some have no training plan and go as far as they feel like it each day. We all have our reasons why we run. We put in some level work and look forward to the events that we sign-up for. The event is supposed to be the "fun" after all the hard work training. The one thing I always forget about until after the fact, are the friendships we make post-race.


We share how we did.


We find out how others did.


We find a common love for the sport we enjoy.


And build friendships from it.



Whatever your reason is, it's essential to remember. You can have many reasons. You just need to remember what they are, especially when the going gets tough during training or racing. On a day-to-day basis, sometimes it's hard to get out the door and run. I hope this helps you think about "why you run" and use it to fuel your inner fire.



It's not always fun to run. It should be. The reality remains that it can be difficult at times. Sometimes it's hard. Other times you know you need to, so you head out the door to get your run in, while thinking about what else you should be doing. Sound familiar?



Staying present while you train has it's benefits and we will get in to that in another post. As a long-time coach and race director, I am glad you are out there training. It's good for you on so many levels. Keep up the good work and we will see at Race #1, the Downtown River Run sponsored by Dolan Auto Group.



Everyone has a reason why they run. We'd love to hear about yours. Comment below and share with your running community why you love to run.



Coach Will,

RENO 5000 Race Director, Running & Ironman Coach













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