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February 23, 2017

December 5, 2016

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March 24, 2017

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Prepare: Race #3 Bowers Mansion Run

July 15, 2016

"Whether you're a first-time runner or experienced veteran, being prepared race morning makes all the difference in the world on your outcome." -Will Contreras, Race Director, Running and Ironman Certified Coach




Lynni Weibezahl - Race 2 5K 24:45 Female 55-59


Here are 5 Steps To Help You Have A Better Event Day. 

Step 1) Be sure to train. It doesn't really matter how much time you have available to train. What matters most is how consistent you are with your time available to train. For example: One week you go bananas and run 7 days that week. The next week you are too busy and can only run 2 days. By the third week you run 4 days and the fourth week you ran 7 days again but also ran twice per day for 3 of the 7, giving you 10 runs that week, trying to make up for lost days the previous weeks. As you notice, your training sessions per week have varied greatly. You felt guilty for missing some workouts so you went overboard the fourth week (which often times would lead you to an injury).


A better way to secure your race morning performance leading up to your event is to plan ahead and lay out on paper, your training consistency.


A good plan with a person who has a full time job, a family to take care of and other responsibilities, would be (based on the above patterns) 4 or 5 runs per week. Consistently each week, getting in your 4 or 5 runs even if you had time to do 10 runs... That's hard to do, but planning it out properly will ensure your success.


Step 2) Put good foods in your mouth. Eating well will give you and advantage on those that don't eat well in your racing category. Let's include hydration here too. Drink plenty of fluids and make a plan for yourself. I coach a lot of my athletes to drink at least 100 oz. per day based on their training routines and climates. DO NOT try new foods or patterns prior to your race.


Step 3) Sleep well. Get in enough sleep based on your lifestyle demands. Good rest will go a long way when it comes to recovery and performance.


Step 4) Lay out all your race gear (do not race in new gear you haven't practiced with) the night before and show up in plenty of time prior to your event starting time. I coach my athletes to be there race morning 75-90 min beforehand and to start warming up 60 min prior to race start.


Step 5) Have fun! If you aren't having a good time in the sport of running, try something new. It's okay, we all need breaks from time to time. You can always cross-train to see if that helps bring back your love of running as an alternative, but always love what you're doing.


I hope these five steps help you with your preparation for the RENO 5000 Race #3 at Bowers Mansion and future events. If you aren't registered yet, SIGN UP HERE. Good Luck!



Coach Will















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