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Packet Pickup/EXPO Location: TBD

Race Day - Start Times


8:00 am          Kids1 Miler

8:30 am          Half Marathon

8:30 am          10K

8:45 am          5K

Reno Connector run

We are excited to introduce Reno's newest running event for 2020! Reno Races presents the Reno Connector Run. This race course is flat, fast and all road! The race will start and finish in Mira Loma Park and runners will run along the Reno Connector. The courses take runners onto Veterans Parkway and the pedestrian pathway along the connector. This event offers the kids one miler, 5K, 10K and half marathon. The half marathoners will also get an opportunity to run along the Truckee River pathway.



SAME INFORMATION APPLIES TO RACE 2 as above (RACE 1) except for packet pickup location and start times and the following:



Mira Loma Park


Our local Kaia Fit locations will be leading a pre-race warm-up for you to be prepared to get your best time!




Click here, to view course maps.  Please be aware of the course signs.  The best option to stay on course is to download the RACEJOY app. 

K run or walk - jogging strollers are okay, but not recommended because of single track trail.


All runners will receive a finishers medal. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 male/female in each 5 year age-group category in all events. Overall male and female for each distance will also be awarded. 

Todd Miknus

This event was perfect. There were a lot of excited runners on the course.. I enjoyed the amount of water stations and was glad there were people to help pick up. There seemed to be a ton of police presence where I found myself being startled by passing motorcycles cops but if they helped protect me from regular drivers then I guess the more the merrier. Thanks Reno 5000 for organizing a great event.

Laura Kurtzer

I thought this race was very well organized. The start times were right on schedule which almost never happens at other races I've done. There was plenty of food and beverages at the end of the race including beer and mimosas! Overall I was very pleased and will definitely do another Reno5000 race again.

Nicole Franklin

The races are organized, the courses are well marked, and the swag is great. All ages and abilities have a great time.



Packet Pickup/EXPO Location: TBD

Race Day - Start Times

June 28, 2020

7:30 am           JR 1 Mile

8:00 am          Half Marathon

8:am am          10k

8:15 am           5k


How fun is Race 2? Watch the runner video. Come one, come all, to the family friendly, Bowers Mansion Series Finale! A quaint country run at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Offering views and green rolling hills dotted with pinion pine trees. A fun morning of running and celebrating the series for the entire family. The Juniors will kick-off the races with the 1 mile through the park. The 5k, 10k and half-marathon will start together, and follow OLD 395 south to Franktown Rd. Each distance turns around at their respective u-turns along the course and back-track to the finish line. You will be awarded with a finisher medal, compete for age-group trophies and all series plaques will be given out as well. Celebrate the end of the summer race season with us at Washoe County Bowers Mansion Regional Park.


SAME INFORMATION APPLIES TO RACE 3 as above (RACE 1 & 2) except for packet pickup location and start times and the following:



Washoe County Bowers Mansion Regional Park.  4005 US Highway 395 North, Carson City, NV 89704 (click here to view a map)



This year, the race will start and finish to the left of the mansion. The parking lot will be filled up first, then once the park fills, the extra parking will take place NORTH of the park on either side of the road - please use caution when walking on OLD US 395 as there are cars on the road. If you are driving, please watch out for fellow participants who are walking to the event.



The races will start and finish to the left of the mansion. Please stay within the coned off lanes and keep to the right so other participants may pass freely on their way out or back. It is for your safety to run inside the lane of cones. If runners are caught running outside the lane of cones, they will be disqualified from the event. Look at the course in .pdf version from the course button.



If you registered for the series, you'll receive a special goody! Be sure to pick yours up at packet pick-up!



Be sure to get your finisher medal as you cross the line. Don't forget your SERIES medal if you completed all 3 events too!  Food trucks will be on site so make sure to bring cash or cards.



The post-race awards ceremony will start directly after the bulk of the 5k runners come in, followed by the series awards for each distance. Please be patient as we call the championship winners. We love to award those who have worked hard at this event and the whole series. You've earned it! If you must leave early and placed in the top 3 of your age-category, please come to the awards booth and we will be happy to give you your award before you leave. We will NOT be mailing awards.


Packet Pickup Location: TBD

Start Times

Saturday October 3, 2020

7:45 am          JR 1 Mile

8:15 am          Half Marathon

8:15 am          10K Run/Walk

8:30 am          5K Run/Walk



Welcome to the 6th Annual Reno Races Downtown River Run  13.1, 10K, 5K & JR 1 Mile, which also serves as Race #1 of the 2019 Running Series. We proudly welcome you to the “Biggest Little City” and hope that you enjoy your run from downtown Reno along the beautiful Truckee River. A lovely marathon event that starts in the heart of downtown Reno, under the iconic arch and takes you along an amazing river, with mountain views, over 5 bridges, through 5 parks and then returns to the city... yet remains fairly level and fast! 


You will truly love the scenic course laid out for you in Reno’s Downtown River Run!


The top 3 in each 5-year age group (up to 70+) in each distance, male and female alike will win awards. Every finisher will be awarded with a finisher medal and everyone can enjoy the post-race expo, located on Harrah's Plaza, full of free food, drinks & snacks. The awards ceremonies begin as soon as the bulk of the runners of each distance are finished. 


You spend a great deal of time training for this event and we hope you will enjoy all aspects of it, from the BEST!! pre-race expo, chalk full of local sponsors, to the post-race festivities. The RENO 5000 sponsors are unlike any others and ensure that you have a memorable time. We know runners are a special breed and that’s why we want you to hang around after your event and help every runner make it to the finish line with your support. You will want to enjoy the ceremonies, cheer in the finishers, visit our sponsors who make the event possible and enjoy the post-race party on Harrah's Plaza that only the RENO 5000 provides!



The Reno Races holds a series of 3 running events beginning with the Downtown River Run and ending with the Bowers Mansion Country Run series finale. If you register for all 3 events in the series prior to Downtown River Run, you are automatically entered in the Reno Races Runner Loyalty Program.


What does this mean?


  • Special series gift at every packet pick-up! 

  • Custom Designed High Tech Running Shirt- Long-Sleeved at DRR!!

  • Series Finisher Medal (upon completion of all 3 events, no matter which distances)

  • Chance to compete for series age group awards

  • Each runner who participates in any 2020 Reno Races event will be given an entry (1 per race) into our Anniversary Sweepstakes for 2020!




Enjoy the ease of waking up at the finish line and first to shower post-race by staying at Harrah's for the weekend!






SHOE DRIVE Bring your gently-used, newer, running shoes to donate to micro-enterprises in developing countries (such as Haiti). For every pair donated you will receive an additional raffle ticket! We will have collection boxes at Dick's and also race morning. RUNNING SHOES ONLY PLEASE


RAFFLE PRIZES Oh yeah, the raffle is back, but now it's a silent raffle! While at packet pick-up, visit the raffle table and get your free entry ticket. Additional tickets are available for purchase for $1 each. Free entries will be given for each pair of shoes donated to the shoe drive. No more waiting around to hear your number called, at 7Pm on Friday the 5th, we will draw all the winners and alert you. Pick up your prize on race morning at the awards table.

Rain, Snow or Shine.

The race will go on as long as conditions are safe for runners. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletters to get any last minute instructions and updates. 


The junior 1 mile will begin at 7:45am. The opening ceremonies for the rest of the events starts at 8am, to be followed by the start of the half marathon at 8:15am, the 10K at 8:25am and the 5K at 8:35am.


Shirt sizes are not guaranteed. This year we are ordering expensive, long-sleeved designer shirts with reflective accents... we will order what we think we will need, but we are subject to running out. Attending packet pick-up is the best way to make sure you get the size you want before we run out!

They are also subject to availability. Any exchanges for sizes can be made on race day at the exchange table.


Parking can be found free of charge within the casino parking garages that border the area. Many of the casinos have parking garages that are located within walking distance of the start/finish area. There is also free parking in the parking lot across from the County Courthouse. Uber is a great way to get in and out on race day. 


You will have a disposable chip attached to the back of your bib. The timing and awards for age groups in the 13.1 and below will be based on your age as of September 29, 2019 (Race #3). This is because this is a race series, so we have to make everyone equal. Please understand and do not be offended if we have increased your age by one year in this competition.


We are allowing the use of headphones at your own risk. It is advised not to wear them, but we know a lot of runners rely on them. Should you choose to use them, please use only one earbud and stay alert for your safety and for course direction.



Unofficial runners are neither authorized nor welcome to be on the DRR course. Runners must be registered and have an official race bib to run the race. The local law enforcement and course marshals will assist us in this matter. Absolutely no early starts are permitted, for scoring and for public safety reasons. Unofficial runners and early starters will be disqualified and removed from the course.


The RENO 5000 welcomes spectators on the course, however, please be careful and aware of the runners. There will be maps available at the Expo outlining areas where spectators can best view the action on the course. Some of the best spots to view the race are: the Hub Coffee Co. on Riverside Dr, Idlewild Park, Dorokstar Park and Mayberry Park. The marathon turn-around and marathon relay exchange point is located in Barbara Bennett Park. You may also download a .pdf map from course button.


Please be aware that most of the course is open to traffic. Please abide by the rules of the road and be aware of keeping to the far inside of the bike lanes and at a minimum, behind the lane of cones to the shoulder. The course will be monitored by Reno police officers, uniformed security personal, course marshals, paramedics, a large communications team and MANY volunteers. If you are having trouble at any time, please feel free to alert anyone, volunteer or aid station for help.


The course is virtually all pavement from road to bike path.


We ask that our participants please dispose of litter properly, we ask that you please leave trash within close proximity of an aid station. Our aid station personnel work very hard to clean the area and your cooperation would assist them tremendously. Please dispose of your cups, personal nutritional wrappers & Clif Shot packets at an aid station, not on the course!


The Downtown River Run Aid Stations ROCK! Not only does each station have either music, but each aid station is sponsored by a fantastic local business, chapter of students, or another local running event that wants to help you succeed in your run or walk! The aid stations are placed approximately every 2 miles with the exception of the first few miles, where they are closer to one mile apart. Each aid station will have water, Clif Shots and Gnarly Sport Drink (order Gnarly to try for yourself). Please only take cups of fluid or food from volunteers with BLUE gloves on. There may be fruit and snacks along the course that you may take at your will.



No Pacing: There is no pacing allowed, whether by other runners, bicycles, or automobiles. Runners who are paced by anyone—except by official pacesetters who are specifically identified and approved by the Downtown River Run Marathon for this purpose—will be subject to disqualification.

Once again...HEADPHONES are at your own RISK!

All runners, please wear your race bib on the front of your shirt, and be sure it is visible for more accuracy of your time/place. We use your actual number as a back-up should something go wrong with your timing chip. Bibs are non-transferable.


The race course is officially open from 7 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Runners on the course after the race course closes are on their own and will not be timed, scored, or listed in the official results. Runners on the course after 1:00 p.m. will be given the option to be picked up and transported to the finish line. These runners must also follow the "rules of the road" as the course is being picked up.


In order to facilitate smooth operation of the finish area, family and friends of runners must remain outside of the finish line enclosure. Only runners are allowed on the course and in the finish line area.


Food, coffee, water and recovery drinks will be provided free to runners on Harrah's plaza. All runners will receive a finishers medal upon crossing the finish line! The top 3 RENO 5000 winners are awarded trophies according to 5-year age group increments up to 70+, in both genders, in all categories. Please hang out for the post-race party at Harrah's


Please use #reno5000 #renoriverrun  in your Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram photos. Also, if you blog about the race, it may be re-posted on the Downtown River Run or the RENO 5000 Facebook page following the race. Please LIKE us on Facebook: DowntownRiverRun and RENO 5000. Share your selfies during your journey!


Twitter: @RenoRiverRun @RENO5000com

48 HOUR SALE Beginning at noon on race day, all 3 events including the entire series registrations for 2020 will open! Be sure to check out the NEW RACE SCHEDULE for the RENO 5000 Series! It's going to be amazing!!

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